DWSIM Flowsheeting project is managed by the FOSSEE project, IIT Bombay. We provide internship certificates to all who participate in this activity. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Learn DWSIM. Get started by visiting our spoken tutorials here.
  2. Submit flowsheeting proposal
    1. Log into your existing DWSIM account, or else create a new account if you are a new user.
    2. Propose your preferred process development project for which you intend to create a process flowsheet using the proposal form here.
    3. Ensure that the proposed flowsheeting project is not available in the Completed Flowsheet or Flowsheet in Progress.
  3. Flowsheet proposal criteria
    1. Select a compound for which you intend to create its process flowsheet. Declare it in proposal form, along with its CAS Number.
    2. Select all the compounds used in the flowsheet that are available in the DWSIM compound database. Click here for the list of compounds in the DWSIM database.
    3. If any of your compounds is not available in the DWSIM database, you can define your own compound. Use only Group Contribution methods available in the DWSIM compound creator study to define your own compounds.
    4. Mention the CAS Number for user-defined compounds.
    5. Upload the user-defined compound (if any) along with the proposal form in .dwcsd format. If multiple user-defined compounds are to be uploaded, zip them and upload as .zip format.
  4. Intimation about the approval or rejection of the proposal will be informed via email within 1 week.
  5. Once approved, start building the process flowsheet for the proposed compound. Click here for guidelines on building the process development flowsheet.
  6. Prepare a brief outline/abstract for the developed process in about 2 pages. Click here for guidelines on developing the abstract.
  7. Name the DWSIM and abstract file as "Flowsheet" and "Abstract" respectively. Kindly DO NOT use any other names for the files.
  8. Upload the developed flowsheet and brief abstract in the portal. Click here to upload.
  9. Simultaneously, post the IITB internship forms. For further details, click here.
  10. Review of the Flowsheet:
    1. Initially, the uploaded flowsheet will be reviewed for errors, which should typically take about 7 days.
    2. If any of the flowsheet or any of its components is found to be erroneous, the intern will have to resubmit the corrected flowsheet after ensuring that the COMPLETE flowsheet is bug-free
    3. Once the submitted flowsheet is bug-free, the output of the flowsheet will be verified for correctness and verified with the information provided in the abstract. This process may take up to 30 working days.
    4. If one submits the flowsheet for review more than once, it will be queued up with other review requests and will result in subsequent delays and approval of the flowsheet.
  11. Review of the Abstract:
    1. Initially, the uploaded abstract will be checked for any kind of plagiarism.
    2. If any kind of plagiarism is found in the abstract, it will have to be rewritten, and ensure that no content written in the abstract is plagiarised.
    3. The uploaded abstract will be checked for its process description and results from the DWSIM flowsheet.
  12. Interns who successfully finish the flowsheet project as per the specified procedure will be awarded an internship e-certificate.
  13. Simple flowsheets with one or two unit operations will not be accepted. For example, a flowsheet with only a mixer or a reactor will not be accepted.

NOTE: Contributors should use the latest DWSIM version for creating/uploading the flowsheets.