Flowsheeting Honorarium

For Abstract

A well written abstract for 2 pages describing the process flowsheet will be provided with an honorarium of INR 100 to INR 500 depending upon the quality, originality and information provided in it.

For Flowsheet

Honorarium for the different components of flowsheet will be provided as below:

Component Types

Amount per component

Per Unit

INR 100

Binary Models

INR 200

Rigorous Models

INR 300

Multicomponent Models

INR 300

Recycle Stream

The total amount for all models multiplied by 1.1 to 1.3, depending on the complexity

Please Note:

  • For group submissions, the honorarium will be credit in the bank account of the person who is registered with us and submitted the proposal. Also, only one certificate will be issued consisting name of all the contributors.


On submission of a flowsheet, the review process involves several checks including but not limited to:

  1. Incorrect flowsheet
  2. Completeness of the flowsheet - missing parts (or) sections
  3. Abstract plagiarism

In this regard, we are forced to test EVERY flowsheet of EVERY participant thoroughly. Due to many participants, this verification process takes a considerable amount of time and therefore immediate acceptance of flowsheet is difficult. If there are problems with the submitted flowsheet, naturally, there will be further delays. However, if your flowsheet is not approved within 30 days after submission, please write to us at contact-dwsim@fossee.in.

After the completion of the flowsheet, processing the honorarium may also take time as IIT Bombay is a government institution and dispatch of Government money requires approvals from various authorities like the Project Principal Investigator, Dean's Office, Accounts Office, etc. Therefore, immediate processing of payment is difficult. Also, processing of honorarium starts only after we receive your completed internship forms. Please ensure that you submit the form in time to avoid delays. After the flowsheet is published in our website and we receive your completed internship forms via post, you will receive a mail from the FOSSEE office asking for your bank account details, PAN card etc. Once we receive all these details from you, then only the honorarium can be processed by us. However, if you do not get your money within 45 days after submitting your bank details, please get in touch with us - we shall be happy to assist you.