Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Flowsheet Development

  1. Select any compound from the available list in DWSIM Database. Click here to get the list of compounds.
  2. Build a DWSIM flowsheet for the process development of the selected compound.
  3. Proper naming should be done for streams and unit operations such as:
    1. Material Streams should be named as S-01, S-02, etc.
    2. Energy Streams should be named as E-01, E-02, etc.
    3. Unit Operations could be named suitably. For example,
      • Distillation Columns should be named as DC-01, DC-03, etc.
      • Heat Exchanger should be named as HE-01, HE-02, etc.
      • Reactors should be named as RC-01, RC-02, etc.
  4. Insert a master property table in the Flowsheet Area displaying important properties for the important material streams.
  5. Use. dwxml or .dwxmz extension for uploading the flowsheet, as required by DWSIM.
  6. Name the DWSIM file as "Flowsheet". Kindly DO NOT use any other names for the DWSIM file.

Guidelines for Writing Brief Abstract for the Project

  1. The abstract should be a maximum of 2 pages.
  2. It should communicate the contents of the flowsheet
  3. Following sections should be included in the abstract:
    1. Background
    2. Description of the flowsheet
    3. Results
    4. Conclusion and Recommendations (If any)
  4. Custom unit systems used in flowsheet other than SI must be specified.
  5. The abstract should be submitted in pdf format.
  6. Name the abstract file as "Abstract". Kindly DO NOT use any other names for the abstract file.
  7. The pdf abstract submitted must have FOSSEE and DWSIM Flowsheeting Project logo. A sample abstract is shown here. You may use any of the template formats mentioned below to produce the pdf abstract:

If you want any changes in the uploaded/approved flowsheet, kindly write to us at