List of Flowsheeting Project Ideas

Below is the list of flowsheeting project ideas that you can use to participate and contribute to the DWSIM flowsheeting project:

  1. Reactive distillation for producing Tert-Amyl Methyl Ether (TAME)
  2. Separation of Di-isopropyl Ether and IsoPropyl Alcohol using Pressure Swing Distillation Process with Vapor Recompression (Figure 3)
  3. Triple Column Pressure Swing with Extractive Distillation for Methyl Acetate-Methanol-Water Separation (Figure 6)
  4. Pressure Swing Reactive Distillation Process for transesterification of Methyl Acetate with Isopropanol (Figure 5)

The following References may be useful for flowsheeting Ideas:

  1. Dryden's Outlines of Chemical Technology
  2. Shreve's Chemical Process Industries

If you are interested in creating any of these flowsheets in DWSIM, kindly inform us about the same at or you can propose them here. Same will be removed from the list and assigned to you.

Also, any new flowsheeting ideas are welcome to be proposed here.