Flowsheeting Project

FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, invites chemical engineering students, faculty and practitioners to the flowsheeting project using DWSIM.  We want you to convert existing flowsheets into DWSIM through the following steps and get honoraria and certificates:

  1. Download DWSIM by clicking on this link. If you face difficulty in downloading, follow the step by step procedure given here.
  2. Installation procedure is explained in this Spoken Tutorial from 02:00 to 02:35. In case of any difficulty in installation, a step by step procedure is given here.
  3. Learn to use DWSIM using the Spoken Tutorials.
  4. Take any flowsheet (from a previous project report, textbook or a journal) and rebuild it using DWSIM.
  5. A few sample flowsheets are available at Completed Flowsheets.
  6. At present DWSIM has thermodynamic data for Chemicals in this list only.
  7. Please email contact-dwsim@fossee.in for further help and to send completed flowsheets.
  8. Our team will then help you with other formalities, such as registering on our web page, documenting your flowsheet, uploading it, etc.

Click here for the announcement poster of DWSIM Flowsheeting Project

Note: Ensure that the proposed flowsheet is not available in Completed Flowsheets or Flowsheets in Progress.