Flowsheets in Progress

Work is in progress for the following flowsheets under Flowsheeting Project
NoFlowsheet ProjectContributor NameInstitutionYear
1Toluene Production From Dehydration Of N-HeptaneRajat J Suvagia & Abhinav GuptaInstitute Of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.2017
2Production Of Phenol From CumeneNithesh RMVJ College of Engineering2017
3Dehydration Of Methanol To Produce Dimethyl EtherRanjitha V. ArunBms College Of Engineering2017
4Production Of Industrial Grade Heavy Water(~99.75%d2o) From Natural Water Source(~0.00156%d)Ankur BanerjeeMvj College Of Engineering2017
5Separation Of Ethanol And Water Using PervaporizationDhananjay PunekarBms College Of Engineering2017
6Steady State Simulation Of Separation Column For Propylene-Propane MixtureKiran Kumar V, Lingaraja T R And Lovely KuruvillaB.m.s College Of Engineering2017
7Steady State Simulation Of Conversion Of Propylene Oxide And Water To Propylene Glycol In Cstr ReactorPrathiksha DoddamaniBms College Of Engineering2017
8Production Of Ethylene Glycol By Non-Catalytic Liquid Phase Hydration Of Ethylene OxideTamtam SreeramBapatla Engineering College2017
9Industrial Production Of Acetone By Dehydrogenation Of Isopropanol.Indranil BanerjeeMvj College Of Engineering2017
10Separation Of Co2 From Synthesis GasSyeda Aliya Sultana, Vaishnavi Nageshwar Bhat, Karan A, Shreyas Shabaraya KB.m.s College Of Engineering2017
11Ethanol Fermentation Process And Separation Of By-Products.Mutthu A., Shreesha Kumar U S, Arul Ashok, Keshav SharmaB.m.s College Of Engineering2017
12Simulation And Optimisation Of Reactive Packed Distillation Process For Purification Of Ethyl AcetateAkash M B KaushalB.m.s. College Of Engineering2017
13Production Of Acrylonitrile By Propylene AmmoxidationHarsha Rao, Sai Swetha Sathanapally, Srishti Gupta, K S Shraddha SeethammaB.m.s College Of Engineering2017
14Production Of Vinyl Chloride From EthylenePavan NayakB.m.s College Of Engineering2017
15Reactive Distillation For Producing Tert-Amyl Methyl EtherPriyam NayakIndian Institute Of Technology Bombay2017
16Dealkylation Of Toluene To Benzene Using HydrogenR Pranesh, Namrata Shanmukh Panji, Tarun Malhotra, Keshav A VB M S College Of Engineering2017
17Production Of Pvc By Emulsion PolymerisationA Shamanthak, Kruthi S, Paavana J, Naveen P SB.m.s College Of Engineering2017
18Drying Of Natural GasSohaib, Jaseem, Ahmed, PriyeshB.m.s. College Of Engineering2017
19Supercritical Fluid Extraction Using Carbon DioxideAvishek ChoudhuryB M S College Of Engineering2017
20Maleic Anhydride Production From BenzeneSanchit BadodekarVisvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology2017
21Creation Of Acrylic Acid From Partial Oxidation Of Propylene. The Mechanism For Producing Aa Utilizes A Two-Step Process In Which Propylene Is First Oxidized To Acrolein And Then Further Oxidized To Aa.Vivek DeshpandeVisvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology2017
22Modelling And Simulation Of The Freezing Systems And Heat Pumps Using Unisim By C. PatrascioiuArkodeep Ghosh, Akshomya Anand, Bhusaank Basu Dagman, Ms. Tripti SrivastavaB.m.s. College Of Engineering2017
23C3mr Lng Refrigeration Cycle For Natural GasN S MeghanaBmsce2017
24Organic Rankine Cycle SimulationMeghana I NB.m.s. College Of Engineering2017
25Dehydrogenation Of 2-Butanol To Methyl Ethyl KetoneNachiket Aashish GokhaleVisvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology, Nagpur2017
26Production Of Butadiene By The Dehydrogenation Of ButanePramodh RameshSri Venkateswara College Of Engineering2017
27Production Of Butyl Acetate From Methyl Acetate And ButanolYahya K MBmsce2017
28Ethanol Water Separation With Benzene Exhibiting MultiplicityPragneshsinh SindhaPacific School Of Engineering 2017
29Isomerization Of Light Naphtha To Increase The Proportion Of Branched CompoundsNikhil SharmaAditya Silver Oak Institute Of Technology2018