Flowsheets in Progress

Work is in progress for the following flowsheets under Flowsheeting Project
NoFlowsheet ProjectContributor NameUniversity / InstituteYear
101ammonia processMehulkumar SutariyaSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology2019
100Pressure swing distillation process for separation of Dimethyl Carbonate and MethanolAkshay Kumar MehtaDr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute Of Technology , Jalandhar2020
99Vapor recompression process for recovery of fresh water from salt waterLahari SumanjaliNational Institute Of Technology Warangal2020
98PRODUCTION OF LINEAR ALPHA OLEFIN HEXENEImran Basha AAnna University,chennai2020
97Extractive Distillation of Acetone/Methanol Mixture Using Water EntrainerAkshay MehtaDr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute Of Technology Jalandhar 2020
96Production of Furfuryl AlcoholDaniel Chuquin VascoEspoch2021
95Laboratory Waste Water Treatment by Supercritical Water Oxidation of NitrobenzeneVengdhanathan SSastra Deemed University2022
94Manufacture of Producer GasShreya SinghSant Longowal Institute Of Engineering And Technology2022
93Energy generation using CO2 - Closed loop thermodynamic systemNaga Mani Deepak VusaCollege Of Technology, Osmania University2022
92Process Simulation of Steam Stripping of Bleached Palm Oil Deodorization for Removing Free Fatty AcidsChalla DeepakSri Venkateswara University College Of Engineering2023
91Insight into separation of azeotrope in wastewater to achieve cleaner production by extractive distillation and pressure-swing distillation based on phase equilibriumAlexandra RuizEscuela Superior PolitÉcnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
90Energy, economic and environmental evaluations for the separation of ethyl acetate/ethanol/water mixture via distillation and pervaporation unitKatherine Elizabeth Barahona GuanangaEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
89LPG and NGL Production with minimizing CO2 emission from industrial gas condensate stabilization unitJulián Andrés Osorio GetialEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
88Recovery 1,4-dioxane and acetonitrile from wastewater via triple-column distillationKeshav SohaniSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology, Surat2023
87Energy-saving thermally coupled ternary extractive distillation process by combining with mixed entrainer for separating ternary mixture containing bioethanolKlever SánchezEscuela Superior PolitÉcnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
86Steam gasification of biomass with subsequent syngas adjustment using shift reaction for syngas productionWendy RiosEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
85Azeotropic distillation for 1-propanol dehydration with diisopropyl ether as entrainerEfren TenechaguaEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
84Simulation of H2S and CO2 removal from IGCC syngas by cryogenic distillationAlejandro MoralesEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
83Extractive distillation using ionic liquids-based mixerd solvernts combined with dividing wall columnCibeles Judith Albán AnguloEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
82Extractive heat pump distillation of ionic liquids process for the recovery of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol from wastewaterAlisson Marcela Torres RealpeEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
81Flowsheet showing task Integration for the Cinyl ChlorideRakesh Dhondiba BhuseFinolex Academy Of Management And Technology 2023
80Improved design of separation system for the recovery of benzene and isopropanol from wastewaterChristian AcostaEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
79Production of acetylene, ethylene, butadiene and propylene from hydrocarbon mixtureVenkatta Sharma SSastra Deemed To Be University2023
78Simulation and optimization of hydrogen production by steam reforming of natural gas for refining and petrochemical demands in LebanonDylan EscalanteEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo, Espoch2023
77Control Comparison of Conventional and Thermally Coupled Ternary Extractive Distillation ProcessesDaniela Estefania Cuenca PerezEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
76Reactive distillation process for ethanolamine productionDennis MolinaEscuela Superior PolitÉcnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
75Design and simulation of an entrainer-enhanced ethyl acetate reactive distillation processJessica PeraltaEscuela Superior Politecnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
74Enhanced process for energy efficient extraction of 1,3-butadiene from a crude C4 cutPiedad NaranjoEscuela Superior Politecnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
73Dynamic simulation of control systems for bioethanol reactive dehydrationSandra BetúnEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
72Styrene production with ethylbenzene recyclingSandino Michael Angelo G. AguilarBicol University2023
71Extractive Distillation for Separation of THF-Water SeparationAlejandro Eduardo Morales ChapalbayEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
70Investigation on ternary system with three azeotropes separation via the combination of reactive and extractive distillationJhon TacuriEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
69Simulation PRICO LNG Process Using Open and Proprietary SourcesRam Soudager BakleLaxminarayan Institute Of Technology Nagpur 2023
68Binary azeotropic separation containing tetrahydrofuran and ethanolOm PandeySardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology2023
67Manufacturing of Urea from ammonium carbamateVidhi RotliwalaDharmsinh Desai University2023
66Closed Cycle Liquefaction of CO2Jeet Pinkal DoshiDharamsinh Desai University, Nadiad2023
65Azeotropic Distillation of Ethyl Formate and Methanol using DMSO and EG as EntrainerAmogh Deshpande, Akshay KarandikarThadomal Shahani Engineering College2023
64Low—Temperature Hybrid Geothermal-Solar Power PlantAmirhossein HosseinzadehAmirkabir University Of Technology (tehran Polytechnique)2023
63Separating 1 propanol and water and tetrahydrofuran via triple column pressure swing distillationAbhishek CharanSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology, Surat2023
62Pentane isomerisation for Naphtha streamAryan YamdeLaxminarayan Institute Of Technology Nagpur 2023
61Process flowdiagram for manufacture of formaldehydeRanjana SoniSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology 2023
60Flow sheet for conventional biodiesel productionVinay KhetpalPandit Deendayal Energy University2023
59A dynamic simulation of a styrene production processBharath KumarVel Tech High Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College2023
58Process flow sheet of standard process for CO2 absorption-desorption in amine solutionRohit PatilIndian Institute Of Technology(indian School Of Mines) Dhanbad2023
57Production of Formic AcidPatel BharviSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology 2023
56Production of nitric oxide from ammoniaBala Murali Krishnan KPuducherry Technological University2023
55Process design of methyl chloride plant by chlorination of methaneMohanraj.gPuducherry Technological University (erstwhile Pondicherry Engineering College)2023
54Natural Gas Treatment for Acid Gas Removal Using MDEA Link is provided for the reference due to limited textSaieswar KattaRajiv Gandhi University Of Knowledge Technologies Nuzvid2023
53Process Simulation and Optimization of Dimethyelthyl ether production from biogas using Aspen PlusSambangi Kishore KumarAndhra University2023
52Seperation of Pentane and Hexane from a C5 plus stream through two different distillation sequenceNaji Navas PachayiNational Institute Of Technology, Calicut 2023
51Methanol productionSukumarKumaraguru College Of Technology 2023
50Bioremediation in ElectrokineticsSrivathsan Balaji PuliyadiKumaraguru College Of Technology2023
49Manufacturing Vinyl Chloride by oxychlorination of EthyleneBhakti GodboleUjjain Engineering College , Ujjain (m.p.)2023
48Production of Green hydrogenMehulkumar SutariyaSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology2023
47Supercritical carbon dioxide cycles for power generationDeepthi ChittaluryCollege Of Technology, Osmania University2023
45Simulation of Carbon dioxide capture from flue gas for Aluminium production process using DWSIM and comparing the results with simulation done in Aspen PlusSwathi Gopal HegdePeoples Education Society (pes University)2023
44Process simulation of biodiesel production from vegetable oil deodorization distillate using hydrotalcite-hydroxyapatite as a catalystAdithi G RPes University2023
43Bio-diesel production from vegetable oil deodorization distillate VOOD using NaOH as catalystHrithik SethHarcourt Butler Technical University Kanpur2023
42simulation of ethanol production from the thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomassKhushi ShashidharPes University2023
41Produced of absolute alcohol from industry alcohol By azotroptic distillationNishit Parmar AnandbhaiV. V. P Engineering College2023
40Production of Sulfuric acidAiswarya SPsg College Of Technology 2023
39Decomposition of urea at high and low pressurePrachee KhantNirma University 2023
38Design of a Claus unit for the conversion of Hydrogen Sulfide to elemental SulfurMudit NainaniInstitute Of Chemical Technology, Mumbai2023
37Production of lactic acidJeeva.aKumaraguru College Of Technology2023
36Butadiene via dehydrogenation of butaneAzarudeenSastra Deemed To Be University2023
35Separation of acetonitrile/methanol/water mixture by ternary extractive distillationDenisse Yajaira Chicaiza SagalEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo2023
34Production of the chlromethane using methanolJinal ShahDharam Singh Desai University 2023
33Acrylic Acid Production Via Catalytic Partial Oxidation Of PropyleneAkshay Sunil KarandikarThadomal Shahani Engineering College2023
32Simulation of a Gas to Liquids GTL PlantVijay Kumar VM.s Ramaiah Institute Of Technology2023
31Separation of Acetone/Isopropyl Ether/Water Ternary Mixture via Hybrid Azeotropic-Extractive DistillationSuharsh MahajanHarcourt Butler Technical University2023
30Post combustion carbon capture with supported amine sorbents From adsorbent characterization to process simulation and optimizationDabhi Nipulbhai NarendrabhaiDharmsinh Desai University ,nadiad,gujarat2023
28Production of Hydrogen Through a Sulfur-Iodine Cycle Based on the Electrochemical Bunsen ReactionAyush Ramchandra ShirodkarBharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Navi Mumbai2023
27Extractive Distillation of acetone and methanol using water as a solventMallik Ankita BarunInstitute Of Technology, Nirma University 2023
26Extractive distillation of methanol-chloroform system using water as solventJaineel Dipakkumar ModiInstitute Of Technology, Nirma University2023
25Production of Ethylene DichlorideManas Ramdas PawarBharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India2023
24Production of isobutene from isobutane in PFR with recycleDhruv Bhanushali, Ritu PandeSarvajanik College Of Engineering & Technology2023
23Heavy water productionHet SoniDharmsinh Desai University 2023
22Production of Probiotic bacteriaBetsy Jemima SKumaraguru College Of Technology2023
21Production of formic acid in a dividing wall reactive distillation columnAlexander BayasEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo2023
20Separation of a ternary mixture of tetrahydrofuran, methanol, and ethanol using extractive distillation and a double entrainer systemDev SharmaSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology 2023
19Direct route to phenol from benzeneChahek SisodiyaV.v.p. Engineering College2023
18Production of Biodiesel from Soybean oilRaksha AKumaraguru College Of Technology2023
17Nitric Acid Dehydration Using Sulfuric Acid as a SolventRohit Chandrashekhar KawadeIndian Institute Of Technology Patna2023
16Production of biodiesel using reactive distillationShivam RaghavChandigarh University 2023
15Effluent refrigeration alkylation processSatti AmruthaAndhra University 2023
14Production of breweryDhanushKumaraguru College Of Technology2023
13Acetylene from calcium carbideDivy VankarDharmsinh Desai University 2023
12Production of hydrogen via biomass gasificationYash MisraMs Ramaiah Institute Of Technology2023
11DWSIM FLOWSHEET - LEVULINIC ACID PRODUCTIONSuthavarshini SPsg College Of Technology2023
10Ethyl Tert-butyl Ether using Pervaporation-based Hybrid ProcessesPiyush NagreLaxminarayan Institute Of Technology2023
9Reactive Distillation Process for the Production of Cyclohexanol via direct Hydration of CyclohexaneSiddarth SowmyanarayanPeople'S Education Society University2023
8Process simulation for technical evaluation of glycerol carbonate production from glycerolGilda ChilanEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo2023
7Simulation of reactive dividing wall extractive distillation process for dimethyl carbonate synthesisJennyfer Amparo Vallejo RoseroEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo 2023
6Recovery of benzene and isopropanol from wastewaterEdwin Jumandi Chisag Cambo; Jonathan Kevin Gonza Lechón; Jefferson Eliezer Paltan LeónEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
5Economic and environmental assesment for purification of acetonitrile and isopropanol by reactive coupling extractive distillationKaren Yucta; Isabel PaullanEscuela Superior Politecnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
4Superstructure Modeling and Stochastic Optimization of Side Stream Extractive Distillation Processes for the Industrial Separation of Benzene Cyclohexane CyclohexeneJuan Remache; Johanna GuañunaEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo (espoch)2023
3Platinum Catalyst Reforming of GasolineSaurabh SharmaNational Institute Of Technology Calicut2023
2Pervaporative separation and intensification of downstream recovery of acetone-butanol-ethanolLuis Antonio Bungacho ReinosoEscuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo, Riobamba2023
1Claude cycle for nitrogen liquefactionSarvesh Sandip GaikwadIndian Institue Of Technology Madras2023