Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Custom Model Development
  1. Select any model/unit-operation that is not available in DWSIM. Click here to check the list of unit operations already available in DWSIM.
  2. Build the proposed custom model in DWSIM using Scilab/Python script.
  3. The scripts should include comments on themselves with instructions on how to set up the connections.
  4. The script file should be saved separately as .py or .txt file.
  5. Use .dwxml/.dwxmz extension for saving the custom model in DWSIM environment.
  6. The model should be well tested and working with at least five different thermodynamic packages and 10 different component systems.
Guidelines for Writing Brief Abstract for the Project
  1. The abstract should be a maximum of 2 pages.
  2. It should contain a detailed description of the model.
  3. Following sections should be included in the abstract:
    1. Description: Detailed description of the custom model including the equations
    2. References: Bibliographic references for the model
    3. Working Examples: Different component systems and thermodynamic packages that have been used in testing the model
  4. The abstract should be submitted in pdf format.
If you want any changes in the uploaded/approved model, kindly write to us at contact[hyphen]dwsim[at]fossee[dot]in