Coding Guidelines

  1. Proper naming should be done for streams and unit operations such as:
    1. Material Streams should be named as S-01, S-02, etc.
    2. Energy Streams should be named as E-01, E-02, etc.
    3. Unit Operations could be named suitably. For example,
      • Distillation Columns should be named as DC-01, D-03, etc.
      • Heat Exchanger should be named as HE-01, He-02, etc.
      • Reactors should be named as RC-01, RC-02, etc.
  2. Insert a master property table in the Flowsheet Area displaying important properties for the important matrerial streams.
  3. Use. dwxml or .dwxmz extension for uploading the flowsheet, as required by DWSIM.
  4. Name of the simulation file should not have spaces in between.
  5. Files should be named meaningfully. Donot keep random names for the files. Examples of some meaningful file name can be "DistillationColumnSimulation", "HeatExchangerSimulation", etc.


Any user who provides solutions for a lab course, can only work on one lab at a time. They can move on to another lab once the current lab's solutions have been provided.

The faculty in charge of the lab has to submit the lab proposal and provide his/her contact details. Students (solution provider) should not submit the lab proposal. We require contact details of the professor and not the student.