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About the Flowsheet
  • Proposer Name: Mrs Angie Serrano, Karla Panchi, Margorie Ruiz and Paulina Lopez
  • Title of the Flowhseet: Extractive Distillation of an Azeotrope of THF, Ethanol and Water
  • Institution: Escuela Superior Politécnica De Chimborazo, Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Version: DWSIM v8.3.5 (Classic UI)
  • Reference: Su, Y., Yang, A., Jin, S., Shen, W., Cui, P., & Ren, J. (2020). Investigation on ternary system tetrahydrofuran/ethanol/water with three azeotropes separation via the combination of reactive and extractive distillation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 273, 123145.